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Rachael & Woody, Hugo & Josh


Living miles & miles from Debbie, we did our training session over the phone as to how to combat my three boys SA and general relaxation around the house. My boys can now be left for 30 minutes and I can pop in & out all day with no anxiety in the set up to leaving. My boys can now relax in the garden with other dogs barking, children playing and noises using the mat relax. This has all been done with just a few simple tweaks to their routine and lots of positive reinforcement. A very easy person to get along with, no question is silly and it has worked. Would highly recommend even if you don't live near :-) Thank you

Tracy & Luna & Zorro


Debbie looked after my 2 complicated Malamutes for me when I got married. She went above and beyond any kind of service I could find locally and I knew that my dogs would be treated as if they were her own. If you are looking for a trainer who is constantly looking to better their skills and who can completely empathise with your training issues then look no further than Elite K9 Academy, I couldn't recommend highly enough and only wish I lived close enough to employ Debbie's services regularly!

Angela & Roo & Bailey

dog confidence skills

If you want kindness, understanding & a whole heap of knowledge & experience, This is the lady you are looking for, I visit Yarmouth often & always book Debbie for a confidence walk, She is so calm & that rubs off on you & Your Dog, She has given us many Tools to help with Our Reactive Dog & can't thank her enough for, She's like a breath of fresh Air in the dog Training World ... 

Highly Recommended

Amanda & Aida

dog training walk

A holiday in Norfolk gave the opportunity for my reactive dog and I to have a training session with Elite K9 Academy.

Right from the start Debbie was full of clear, helpful information that will help Aida and I respond to a variety of situations in a more positive way.

I have returned home with a huge boost to my confidence, inspiration to keep working hard and a smile when I think about the fun we had.

Thank you so much Debbie.

Ros & Brutus

dog life skills

Debbie is knowledgeable, patient, non-judgemental and explains things perfectly. Her training turns the old ideas on their head (in a good way) though it's sometimes hard to let go of the old ways of training, even though the new ways make much more sense and are kinder to the dogs. In this respect, many owners need to be retrained in their thinking. Including me! This is where Debbie's patience comes in and it is greatly appreciated, thank you Debbie!

Ellinor & Fletcher

confidence dog walk

I met up with Debbie and Saber for a confidence walk. Genius idea! It makes such a difference having another pair of eyes. Debbie is very calm and gives you confidence that she's got your back and really knows her stuff! And it was fun! We met at a place where you can see for miles, and have loads of space to parallel walk and make more space if you need to! Can't wait to do it again! Thank you Debbie!


Roy and Missy


Have known Debbie and Sabre for some time now - she helped enormously with Missy and made things much easier for us as well as having meet ups where reaction/hooman help and so on was explained . HIGHLY Recommended!!!

LEandra and Tank


This wonderful woman is taking me and Tank on an exciting journey..! From dreading our walks because tank gets over excited and did show aggression towards others and other dogs.. to us both enjoying the walk whilst making it fun for both of us..!
tanks and my anxiety levels are beginning to drop as we relax more while we are out together and enjoying our quality time together. 

I honesty thought there was no one that could help us.. I felt alone and this prob would grow with Tank as he is still a puppy and tbh I dreaded the years to come..! I felt we were at a loss

But with Debbie not only giving me training advice and ideas to try and also teaching me how to read tanks body language our lives have now become so much richer and we have only had 2 sessions so far..! She really is an amazing lady amazing trainer and an amazing behaviourist ! 

We still have a way to go but I know with this wonderful lady by our-side the journey will be very rewarding and fun and I’m excited for wats to come :)

I can never thank this lady enough..!
I feel like she has rescued us. 

So never fell alone if ur dog has problems believe me when I say this lady can and will help u she is amazing..!

Caroline and Teddy

Puppy package of 3 sessions

We completed the puppy package at home with Debbie - very informative and helped lots with teaching us as a family how Teddy was communicating with us as to what he liked and disliked and then Debbie gave us strategies to overcome the dislikes and turn all situations into a positive for him and for us! Would definitely recommend the puppy package! The detailed e-mail after each session was really helpful too. Thank you Debbie xxx Teddy sends his love too xxx

Sammy and Percy

behavioural consult

debbie came to see us today for our bulldog in our home we also have another dog, I cannot reccomend her enough! she took so much time to make sure she showed us how to do things explained everything & even involved my daughter. by the time debbie left our bulldog was making his own choices and his attitude completely different. debbie made us understand exactly why our dog was doing what he was & made us feel super comfortable. I cannot praise her enough! thank you so much xx

Debby and Sasha

loose lead walking

After buying a 6month old German Shephard that had had absolutely no training or socializing my partner and I soon discovered that we needed help to try and help our new family member. That is where Debbie from Elite K9 Academy came in.
Right from the very first contact, Debbie went that extra mile. She was away on holiday but still found the time to answer messages and arrange to come and see us on her return.
Debbie had real calming influence on both myself and my dog. She has shown me that despite how difficult it can be to deal with the effects of your dogs behaviour that with time, patience and kindness you can turn things around without having to resort to 'punishing' your dog.
After a couple of sessions it was time to try and do lead training outside of the safety of the garden or home. I was petrified when Debbie arrived with her huge dog Saber and told me to meet them over the field in 10 mins!!
Sasha had escaped from one of the best harnesses on the market within seconds on a previous visit and not to mention the fact that she didn't know how to behave around other dogs.
I followed all the instructions she had given and sure enough, all went well just like Debbie said it would. She just 'knows' what to do and puts both owners and dogs at ease.
Due to Sasha not getting on with my partners dog and my cat, it was a terribly stressful couple of months and Debbie was always there either on the phone or by email etc. I don't know how I would have managed without her help.
Because of the issues between the animals we had to make the sad decision to rehome Sasha and it was Debbie who used her connections in the dog world and her making lots of phone calls at hours of the day and night that meant that we were able to move Sasha on in a really positive way. She even took me and Sasha on a 10 hour road trip to deliver Sasha to foster carers via German Shepherd Rescue (South).
I don't know anyone else that would offer to do that and especially as she wouldn't even take any payment for doing so. 

Debbie you are one of the worlds angels and I feel blessed that you came into our lives

Maurice and Daisy

puppy training

We were recommended to contact Debbie Betts (Debs) to see if Debs could help us with some puppy training when we collected Daisy our 3 month puppy from Dogs Trust. 

Dogs Trust policy embraces formal training as part of your agreement to take a puppy home, and Debs provided written details on the 'rewards based training' that fully satisfied the Dogs Trust. The cost for the three at home based 1-2-1 training sessions were very reasonable too.

Our at home based training was very comprehensive and full of useful tips on what to do and what not to do which, we found fundamental on training a young pup. It was jolly good fun too.

Debs followed each of the sessions with a written summary on events which, we carried out during each session. This is a helpful guide to continue the training. I guess this was our 'homework', joking apart it is useful to have a written summary on what we have done, a sort of an aide-memoire.

We enjoyed this approach to training and we found Debs very professional in her work and the service provided is absolutely first class.

We would recommend Debs to others without hesitation.

Thank you Debs you have been a great help in training Daisy our lovely puppy.